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Champagne : $679

For clients who are very active in the planning of their upcoming event. This package is for you if you've secured your own venue, vendors, and decorations, and are only in need of someone to coordinate the Day-Of so that everything runs smoothly.

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Rose : $929

For clients who are very active in the planning of their upcoming event. This package is for you if you've secured your own venue, vendors, and decorations, and are only in need of someone to coordinate the Day-Of so that everything runs smoothly.

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Burgundy : $1149

For clients who are very active in the planning of their upcoming event. This package is for you if you've secured your own venue, vendors, and decorations, and are only in need of someone to coordinate the Day-Of so that everything runs smoothly.

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By the Glass : $129 each

Some hosts/hostesses are lucky enough to have friends and family available and willing to help with an event, but just need a slight boost with organization. Individual services are available, for example if you need some guidance selecting vendors, or perhaps just organizing all of the event's activities into a timeline. Get a few of your "To-Do" items marked off your checklist with the help of Celebrations by Cindy.

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What are people saying?

  • August, 2012

    So we are having our wedding in the fall. Cindy has been SO organized, pleasant, thoughtful and is really easing us into the final stretch. I promise to provide another update after the wedding...but she is on point. At the first meeting she came prepared with information about her company, her work history, and plenty of wedding planning sheets to please the type A in my heart. We are just so very thankful to have found her. More soon!

    September 26th, 2012

    So we were married on September 15th and we honestly could NOT HAVE done it without Cindy's help. She is TOP NOTCH. Honestly. She is so professional, so hard-working, so diligent and we were just blown away by her work. Everyone she had to work with at our wedding raved about her -- the caterers (Small Thyme), the DJ (DJ Ammbush), our MC for the night, our parents, everyone. She was there hours before setting up and coordinating our helper-bees (friends) who all said she was awesome and basically had accomplished the set-up herself. She made sure we kept to our timeline for events throughout the night but never did we feel rushed or hurried. When the lights that were supposed to light the room didn't work, she worked with the building staff to find us some lamps, she stayed through till the end to help with clean-up and we just loved her so very much. Thank you Cindy for making it the best night of our lives. If you are looking for an event coordinator, look NO further.

    Jamie B. (Bride)
  • Celebrations by Cindy is a great business to use for help in party planning and party execution. This summer, Cindy helped us plan a 40th birthday weekend celebration. During the planning phase, Cindy brainstormed ideas and provided activity options with times/locations/costs per activity She also provided on-site Nanny services which even included activities just for the kids! This is a great benefit of the offered services. She stayed until the very end, helping with clean-up and organization. She is trustworthy, hard-working and thinks of all the details.

    Tina C. (Birthday)

    Cindy took care of every detail for my mother's 90th birthday party. And what a beautiful event it was! Everything was perfect-the decorations, the cake with my mother's favorite almond frosting (mom loved it), the incredible flowers-roses, lili es, snap dragons, etc., and the food was top quality- she made sure it was all kosher. We were treated like royalty. Cindy is a real sweetheart, too, and didn't leave until she was assured that everything had been attended to. Everything was even color- coordinated. Very tasteful and elegant! Oh, did I mention the coffee and candles and happy birthday banner. Oh, and the photo collage?? It was quite an event, one that would not have been near as grand but for the wonderful efforts of Cindy. Every word is true!

    Lin D. (Birthday)
  • I continue to receive overwhelming thank-yous from my in-laws for being included in a dream party. Your execution was exceptional and you deserve a huge thank you for making my mother in law's birthday an event to remember for years to come. We were all especially impressed by your attention to details - from the decor, to the ever changing menu, to managing the many cooks that were standing in the kitchen with you at all times. I never could have hosted a long distance party without your very able assistance.

    Robin P. (Birthday)

    Cindy is absolutely amazing. She is a practical, calm, classy, and very organized. I really liked her personality and approach as an event planner. Cindy really does a very good job at coordinating all of the craziness that comes with planning a wedding. I cannot say enough good things about Celebrations by Cindy. I highly recommend CBC!

    Peggy O. (Owner/Operator of Art of Sound "Professional DJ Service"
  • Cindy was wonderful and a huge help during the rehearsal and day of the event. She was incredibly thorough and very detail oriented. I basically left most of the decorating to Cindy as most of the people assisting during set up had to leave to get ready for pictures. I told her what I wanted and everything turned out better than I had pictured. She did a great job especially for being left to set up on her own! I have received only positive feedback from my guests about Cindy’s involvement in the wedding. As soon as I hired Cindy to help out with my wedding, a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders. I no longer had to stress about who was going to help out on the day of the event and I didn’t have to burden my family and friends with tasks which allowed everyone to enjoy themselves. I strongly recommend Cindy’s services as she is very thorough and ensures that the day is all about the bride and groom and everything THEY want, not what their family and friends want which was great because she made sure to execute the event the way I had it in mind. She also took the initiative to reach out to the vendors to confirm that everything was set for the day of. I really didn’t have to worry about making sure everyone was going to show up at the scheduled times, etc.

    Rebecca D. (Wedding)
  • Cindy is very accommodating, very friendly and easy to work with. The event went great, no problems were noticed. Everything went as planned, and everything was accomplished as asked. We left the rest of the decorating to Cindy and it was beautiful when we got there. It was really nice not to have to worry that things were getting done and I could enjoy myself. Thanks Cindy!

    Gale H. (Wedding)

    So I couldn’t have been happier with what you did for our fundraising event in Orland. The décor you picked out and the ideas you had for our event was amazing. Some ideas we would not have ever thought of. You made the day stress free for all of us. You even stepped in to help with the auction. We can’t wait to do it again next year and look forward to working with you again. Even guests couldn’t believe what they saw. Attention to such detail… You were great.

    Rosa S. (Chartity Fundraiser)
  • I have so much, to say I don't know where to begin!! So I hired Cindy as my wedding coordinator for my wedding, and I just want to say that she did an AMAZING JOB!!!! Cindy is exceptional!! She met with me to discuss all the details of my wedding, she gave me so many ideas on how to have the best wedding day possible. I am so happy with the way things went she was there from beginning to end. Cindy made sure that prior to my wedding all the details for my wedding were in place and made sure that I was the least to stress that day!!! She made sure her and the vendors were all on the same page, she was in communication with everyone and made sure things were done in a timely manner. Cindy is very passionate about weddings and it most definitely showed that day!!! She also was able to help me with my wedding programs that came out perfect!!! Everyone complimented on how beautiful everything looked that day. Cindy made the venue look just so elegant. For all your brides out there who are starting out with wedding plans, please, look into hiring Cindy as your wedding coordinator!! She will make your wedding day EXCEPTIONAL!!! Cindy, thanks for all your hard work, support, and dedication, you are one of a kind!!!! I will be contacting you for future parties & events!!!! My family and I loved working with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Elsie (Wedding)
  • Thank you Cindy for all your help with my baby shower! I truly appreciate everything from the time you put in to help, the pop bouquet, extra décor, and helping out during the event with games and guests! Again, thanks so much!

    Judy S. (Baby Shower)

    Cindy is definitely an A+ event planner! She coordinated a wedding that I DJ'd and I was impressed!!! She contacted me using all types of communication (email, phone, tex) to make sure all the details were covered. When I arrived at the wedding, she had my area and DJ table ready. She had several copies of the program printed out with the announcements I had to convey. Throughout the event, she was available at all times for any questions I had. This planner pays attention to detail and knows how to delegate in a fun way! She absolutely made everyone's life easier that day. STRESS FREE! Cindy's a down to earth, charming, young woman with good personality and good sense of humor! It's simple; if you want a good event planner, I recommend Celebrations by Cindy!!!!

    DJ A-Kat (Wedding)